If you really want to go back, it all started, for a brief moment, in high school: I really wanted my clothes a certain way and retail didn't have it.  Quality was always the most important thing - fabric, detailing, classic style that lasts - but sustainable fabrics were very hard to find.  I remember trying to source T-shirts for my high school's environmental club and there were only 2 choices: unbleached, thick, organic cotton, or bleached, thick, organic cotton.

Three years ago, I inherited some knitting needles, crochet hooks and dove into upcycling leftover yarn into Christmas presents.  I'd never been satisfied with the colours, fabrics and styles available in ecofashion and found that most 'eco' clothing was made in factories with unfair labour practices.  So when I inherited a great sewing machine and found sustainable fabrics in a gazillion colours from a local supplier, I jumped at the opportunity to make and design the clothes I'd wanted for years:

sustainable & uniquely inspired by a yogi's lifestyle. 

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