Pancha (= five) karma (= actions) are unique to Ayurveda.

They are the most powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating body-mind treatments on the Planet for stress release, deep relaxation, healing (especially chronic dis-eases) and building Resilience.

Experience a traditional Treatment Series, try one out by adding it to your Abhyanga massage, or take an epic Journey to Bliss.

Shiro = head, dhara = flow

The 'king' of all treatments and unique to Ayurveda. Dhara is the process of drizzling warm herbal oil (siddha tila) on the Third Eye, directly behind which is located the pituitary gland - the master endocrine gland controlling all hormone activity and physiological processes throughout the body.

This treatment is especially helpful for balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which govern the Stress (Fight or Flight) Response and the maintenance and repair of all organs and tissues (dhatus).

For these reasons, Shirodhara is the most relaxing, healing and rejuvenating treatment on the Planet and you don't need to move an inch - just lie back and enjoy a journey to the deepest state of relaxation and serenity. Some who receive this 'head flow' are instantly transported to a deep meditative state. Like hitting the 'reset' button, shirodhara is especially helpful in dissolving unhealthy mental and emotional patterns.

This treatment helps all dis-ease conditions, but is especially useful for healing Stress, adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, nervous system disorders and to ground mental/emotional re-patterning.

Svedana = to sweat

Ayurveda's version of sweat therapy has all the benefits of a sauna, without the (breathing) effort ~ a steam tent is placed over the massage table with an opening that allows the head and neck to remain outside. This cozy treatment widens the subtle (and not-so-subtle) channels of the body, improving circulation to all tissues and facilitating both the removal of toxins and the penetration of nourishing herbs and herbal oils. It is traditionally given immediately after abhyanga massage, to deepen and prolong abhyanga's considerable benefits.

This treatment helps all dis-ease conditions, but is especially useful for healing rheumatism/arthritis, lung and sinus congestion, nervous system & adrenal depletion, high blood pressure, ear/nose/throat issues, chronic skin conditions and re-balancing the body's natural detoxification system.

Herbal masques and/or oils can be applied prior to svedana, to create a detoxifying (ex. exfoliation, cellulite, acne, etc.) or rejuvenating beauty treatment that penetrates more deeply into the body.

Basti (warm oil bath)

This deeply penetrating, therapeutic treatment consists of bathing a body part in warmed (medicated) herbal oil ~ a form of snehana (oleation therapy). Not only is it targeted to address stiffness, soreness, inflammation (including tendonitis & arthritis), acute pain or injury, it's also thoroughly enjoyable.

Shiro = head, bhyanga= massage

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